Wednesday, May 11, 2005


hohoho... caught up with shaun at the movies todae.. hahaha.. went to watch triple x 2.. hmmm..
initially, he didn't wanna go.. coz, like what he said, "2 GUYS!?!?".. oh, come on.. whats wrong with tat.. i really dun understand.. 2 GUYS cannot go out together? 2 GUYS cannot go catch a movie? 2 GUYS cannot go chill together? what kinda century is this guy living in? tats what i wondered abt.. hahaha.. nonetheless, we still went to catch it...

the show was pretty nice.. but, quite action packed.. probably will take more favourable comments from a guy more than a ger...

heh heh... later gotta go to the airport early in the morning.. so sian.. but, still, muz earn $$$ !!! its time to make some $$$ before sch re-opens.. else, i will probably gotta bring bread to school daily.. hahaha.. bread eating semester... eeeyeer... better start working! haha.. :D

gotta go catch some slp liao.. dun wanna miss anything later.. :)


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