Sunday, May 08, 2005

another day of weakness...

grrrr.. juz as i thought.. the stupid virus in my body decided to extend its stay..

still not okay leh... jialat... 3 days le.. worse!!!! getta here!!! #(R!(U#!_)Ty#!@#

anyway, had a quite okay day at the office.. only theres this Mr. "A"(Not his real name, of coz!) kept telling me stories of his past experiences with tours w/o tour leaders... i was like... "ya ya ya ya".. he kept me "entertained" for almost an hour with his stories.. till i abruptly stopped him and continued with my tour briefing for him... interesting fella.. juz, abit paranoid...

tomorrow will be one big dae.. gonna get ready to bang table throw chair at the airline office... hahaha.. gonna go there to negotiate with them.. hopefully they will be nice people tomorrow.. hahaha.. juz one day of them being nice will do!!! :P

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