Monday, May 09, 2005

oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah~~~


went to the airline office earlier on... cool man.. their office quite nice la.. just that the unit abit small.. but, like what yanping said.. nice sea view from their office windows.. hahaha..

anyway, as per what the customer service officer, ken, told me.. the air tickets shouldn't be a problem as the indian uncle's name, together with his wife's, are way too long.. hahaha...

stupid, right? aiyahz.. anyway, juz take it as an experience for me.. heh heh.. now i know wheres republic building.. hahaha..

one more thing.. g2g to shaun's house now.. coz, i think he dun dare to tell his parents about his results.. grr.. i shall give my warm help to him! hahaha.. alrighty ! blog at a later time.. :)

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