Tuesday, August 02, 2005

dedicated to INTSC Main Committee members of AY04/05

this posting is dedicated to the Main Committee members of INTSC AY04/05

below are words/thoughts which i wish to say..

Kenneth : Though its our first time working hand in hand @ the same committee, it was indeed a very good experience. You have always came into discussions at the right time.. solving conflicts and urging for solutions.. As a friend, you sure did not bad too.. always giving a helping hand and lending a listening ear.. hmm.. overall, i would say u have done well in both aspect of a com. member and friend! good job, well done!

Korn : A girl with an unique personality.. i would say, shes somewhat a treasure in the committee.. oh ya.. a bubbly ger too.. 80% of the time i see her, she would be laughin' her way through.. which is fantastic.. sure she brought up the mood of the committee whenever she is present.. heehee.. nice working in the committee with u! althought we din manage to work hand in hand.. heehee... :D

Gisele : ohh.. this is a siao char bor in the making! hahaha.. j/k! in a way or two, u shld be proud leh.. coz i rarely appreciate the time i spent with a siao char bor! hahaha.. always cracking lame jokez.. but, they are pretty funny at times.. :D i would say, shes a girl whose mind sure turns fast! conclusion, she has the gift of gap!!! knows when to say things and when not to.. a fantastic companion, indeed.. oh ya.. not forgetting, thanks for being my assistant!!! m really happy to have u as my assistant.. ;)

Phyllis : competent worker! always accomplishing all the work assigned to her.. if "work" is a person, i would definitely and strongly advise him/her not to get near phyllis! "one come, one down.. ten come, ten down!" i think thats her philosophy! hahaha.. anyway, its good to complete the work ard u.. but, make sure u dun neglect the pple ard u! as ultimately, its ur friends that matters most! jiayou for ur work! ;)

Wendy : ahhh.. this ger here.. another "treasure" of the committee.. hahaha.. always come out with weird weird ideas.. let it be ideas to problems.. or ideas to enjoy with the com. members.. it always turns out to be fun and nice! hahaha.. think u did well with ailin for the sop.. it was fun.. teachin' and training us to be entrepreneurs! hahaha.. next time if i set up my own company, i hire u as PR officer bah! :D

GuoJie aka Toufu : hmmm.. nice to have u around in the committee.. ur presense was definitely felt during the first half of the AY.. unfortunately, u became inactive during the rest of the AY.. but, still, it was fun to have u in the committee.. always coming out ideas! juz like Wendy.. but, ur ideas are abit weird during times.. hahaha.. still remember how we came out with many ideas to organise more events.. haha.. it was fun.. nice working with u in the committee!!! friends forever~ :)

Desmond : oh.. this is another competent worker of the committee.. ! never fail to deliver his assigned tasks.. always bring fresh ideas into plannings whenever theres a need for it.. very responsible too! hahaha.. but, sometimes, muz control ur temper, kae? been a great help for me in the plannings of Team Bonding.. hahaha.. having him as an assistant is like having two pple assisting u.. hahaha.. tats what i feel.. ;) all the best for ur upcoming AY ! promoted hor.. hehehe.. :P

Mervin : errr.. din really worked with him before.. quite low profile in the committee.. grinz~ all the best!

Daniel : hmmm... this person here have an analytical brainz.. hahaha.. always analyzing whats given.. and coming up with appropriate solutions for any potential problems.. think he would be good as an event planner! hahaha.. not forgetting the "M" sign we talked abt after carrying someone during OTC.. rite? hahaha.. ;)

Ailin : this ger here.. another "treasure" of the club.. hahaha... i tell u.. she has the designer brains lor.. creativity is what she have.. and, i would say.. she have abundance amount of creativity ah!!! hahaha... the notice board is one of her work.. nice and creative! really brings out the IT student kinda mentality.. hahaha.. :D

Xing Yi : This ger here.. very interesting.. hahaha.. remember when it was time for her event, she became abit "gan jiong".. hahaha.. panic button ah! hahaha.. she was pretty low profile in the first half of the yr.. but, slowly, became more involved in the activities.. hahaha.. back to her event, thought that it was pretty meaningful.. exposed me to the down syndrome society in .sg.. and, something more prominent.. changed my mentality of getting married after 30!!! due to the higher risk! hahaha.. scary.. :D

Mingsui : hmmm.. she have been around ever since i entered poly.. hahaha.. crazy ger at times.. but, also, a very thoughtful friend! hahaa.. yup.. we have actually planned to work together before we got assigned our tasked events.. initially, didn't get to work together.. but, in a twist of fate, we got to work on the Open House event as organiserz.. ahahah.. fun, it was.. successful, it is.. :D

Andrew : this guy ahz.. hahaha.. worst ah! the ah beng of our committee.. or, shld i say, ah beng wannabe.. :D fun to have u around.. the guys always flock together to talk abt gers.. hahaha.. and, this guy is the topic starter!!! *oops*.. hehehe.. alright man.. u take care.. dun flirt too much! dun wanna receive a wedding invitation that fast lor.. remember to use the "rubber" ah! ;)

Vincent : this guy damn low profile initially.. but, when it came to his event, Linux Day, we actually got to know that this guy is actually a super worker!!! serious worker!!! hahaha.. something i m jealous abt him.. he always have the "something" that makes him popular with girls ard! why ahz? hahaha.. teach abit leh.. ;) anyway, good luck in the army! become SOF ah! :D

Besides the main committee members.. would like to dedicate this posting to two other staff advisors...

Mr. Victor Foo : u have been great! indeed, a very good chairperson to our committee.. hahaha.. he is also a perfectionist wor.. ahaha.. very good and caring advisor.. we were very lucky to have him to assist us during our term of office.. a very big thank u to u for bring the success to what we are now! Best Constituency Club of 2004/2005 !!! xie xie ni! :)

Mr. Albert Toh : u definitely deserve my salute! as our Deputy Director, he have been very supportive in ALL the events which we planned for.. from the smallest event to the bigger ones.. u will definitely see him coming down to give us his support.. still remember when we are going for our poly forum trip.. Mr. Toh didn't manage to come to SP to accompany us.. instead, he sent us a SMS to wish us well ! which DD would do that? i think he is the only one around lor.. hahaha.. really thank him for giving us the freedom to organise our event.. greatly appreciated it! :)

Now, heres what i feel about the committee.. if i unwittedly said words which are not suppose to be seen.. plz forgive! coz, all these are words to bring encouragement.. not grudges! though this posting came abit too late.. initally, wanted to post it up on 31st July, thats the last day of our term in office, but, forgot to.. hahaha.. paiseh.. at least i came, eventually.. ;)

u guys take care, kae? see u all around.. :)

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