Tuesday, August 30, 2005

hectic days coming to an end.. ?

ooo.. hope not.. coz i starting to get used to this kinda lifestyle... its nice and fun in a way or two... moreover, it spares me no time to think of any other stuffs.. woohooo.. nice way to escape from reality! :D

alright.. been working on the major project report.. we had sent up a whopping 100+ pages report.. woooo.. feel nice.. but juz abit.. weird.. coz my other mates did so much more.. wanted to squeeze more outta my functions.. but, i think its not necessary.. not coz i lazy.. juz that i feel that the stuffs i did was already enough for the evaluator and supervisor to understand.. need not go into so deep.. dun think they are that noob.. rite.. ?

oh well.. those were the major project's nonsense which i went thru during the past few dayz.. now, am still stuck with it.. only for a day or two.. need to touch up on the stuffs which are not done yet.. at least, i would say.. my major project is much more bigger in scope as compared to others... shall not pin-point at any of the others' project.. hahaha.. bleahz.. =P

still feeling slpy after a 4hrs+ nap.. think i gonna go take a deeper nap le.. waking up later to continue with my work.. good nite, everybody.. ;)

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