Friday, August 26, 2005

no more chance liao!

hahaha.. from the title, anyone or everyone shld knoe what i mean..

hahaha.. actually, from the start, i know the results le.. juz tat i persist.. for what? i also dun know.. maybe, its for the term, MIRACLE, bah.. hahaa.. its a word which can make wonders.. but, i juz dun have the fate with it.. tats all i can say!

grr.. dun know what i writing also.. been contradicting myself these days.. maybe due to project stress bah.. or, even could be.. i m no longer that sound minded like i was three yrs ago.. poly life juz makes pple change.. change to the better or worse? its for u to judge..

if i gonna make a judgement of my own now, i think it have make me deteriorate.. lots of stuffs happened during this time space of 3 yrs.. alot alot alot.. from the good to the bad.. but, i din expect it to end this way.. serious.. i din!

juz too much stuffs in me now.. dun think i wanna continue with this posting..

bye bye.

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