Monday, August 22, 2005


here are some of the snapshots taken at Student Awards Ceremony 2005!

Recipients of Best Constituent Club 2004/2005!(With their 2 main advisors!)

四大猛男 !

hahaha.. not enuff of it, right? juz too bad.. coz the camera was kinda cannot make it during that day... coz i configured the camera to use the brightest flash it has.. therefore, the slightest movement of the hand will cost the photo to be blurred... bleahz... as soon as i receive the rest of the photos, i will post up more of it! :)

anyway, it has been a quite a massive week for me.. many many things happened.. making accounts of it.. last monday, gotta hand up 2 projects at one go.. wednesday, lots of things to do day.. paid up the road tax and such... thursday, INTSC 05/06 AGM... the day whereby i was in all white, alright.. almost all white..., and friday, of course, the Student Awards Ceremony! sat & sun, was working at chan bros! :)

oh.. it was also a week whereby i fetched Gisele home thrice!!! hahaha... gotta fetch her home as she couldn't catch the last bus back.. moreover, it isn't convenient as it is still lunar 7th month.. hahaha... so, there goes three trips down bukit panjang! wooohooo... but, its okay!

during the last trip down to bukit panjang, we had quite a chat.. yup.. juz a chat.. a chat more abt me than her! i think, during that night, she started to know a new aArOn.. errr.. not a better aArOn.. but a worse one! hahaha.. wanna know further details? ask her! :D

alright alright.. heres a snap on the conversation... of course.. the hot topic of all conversation, relationships...

gisele told me that i shldn't be so stubborn at times... which meant tat i shld give up on things i m trying to pursue.. not saying i m rite or wrong.. juz that she felt its quite a load of wishful thinkin'.. tats what i think she thinks la.. hahaa.. my answer to her? nah! not everything is so easily to be taken up and let go.. not that i dun wanna let go at times.. but, its juz simply not an easy task.. sorry to disappoint u, gisele! but, that is what u shld expect from a taurian! hahaha.. it was also the night whereby she knowz i m a taurian... and, i showed her what a taurian is make of! stubborness! :D

oh ya.. she also analysed the situation for me.. hahaha.. the analytical results.. like what she kept emphasizin'.. asking me to 放弃 lor.. reasons like maybe i m not the type for her.. maybe shes not ready.. and even shes attached! aaaahhhhh! so hurting to someone pursuin' his/her happiness.. its juz like takin' a knife and stabbing straight into my heart! but, its okay.. i know in the end, its all 为我好.. right, gisele!? :)

alright.. enuff say! time to do some work... everyone, take care, kae? here are my last words for this posting...


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