Saturday, August 06, 2005

some things juz can't be forgotten...

ah!!! CCN day finally over.. all the sellings and squeezin' is literally put to an end! no more hard selling tactics.. no more squeezin' with the crowd of students juz to get around.. hahaha.. it was fun.. but also, sometimes, infuriating..

why infuriating? problems with organising it.. and the job scope of all members contributed to the factor.. hahaha.. shall not talk much abt it..

anyway, the results of CCN is almost like last yr.. hahaha.. profit? so damn little lor.. hahaha.. i think, this yr, it will be a loss for us instead.. coz the stupid school came out with stupid coupons.. we got a huge amount of coupons.. and news spreading around says that the coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.. oh man.. think the $$$ we contributed in might not come back to us in full le.. hahaha.. $15.. i think can only get back $12 - $13 dollars lor.. hahaha.. never mind.. juz take it as the rest are for charity purposes.. shldn't be a problem bah.. ;)

now, wonder why i put the title of this blog as that? oh well, i also dun know what title to put.. so, juz put it as tat..

btw, i use to see this lady almost very frequently during the morningz.. she is like her! really... in terms of look.. in terms of style.. almost similar to her lor.. juz that this lady is the more matured kinda her.. err.. maybe coz of the dressing bah.. hahaa.. sometimes, it becomes an addiction in seeing someone.. especially when u frequently meet up with this person.. whether it is accidental or in purpose, u juz simply can't forget him/her.. its like a daily routine.. this person has become a part of ur life.. but, i also know.. to remove this person from ur life, it definitely takes a great effort of perserverence.. trying to erase all memories.. for example.. formatting your computer with all the important files in it.. its a very hard to do decision.. and the process is definitely gonna hurt u in a way or two.. what matters most is how u try to forget it.. whether by using time or getting urself pre-occupied with stuffs or even keep saying u will forget it.. hahaha.. but if u still can't get over with it, congratulations.. u have stepped into something like a bed quicksand.. the more u struggle, the more u sink.. hahaha.. all u can do is juz sink in further bah.. :D

anyway, think what i have written is juz a lump of nonsense.. hahaha.. juz feel like blogging.. thats all.. :D

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