Thursday, August 25, 2005

mood changes.. ~

started the day in a haste today.. which is what i dun really like..

coz, its like whenever i do so, i will perspire like a tap.. i can't be turned off tap... which is damn irritating!!!

anyway, the mood changed when i went to the usual bus stop where i wait for my bus.. haahaa.. i saw her again!!! oh man.. i thought i was already late.. as in, will miss the timing.. but, din expect to see her coming later than me lor! lol.. i would still like to emphasize it.. its a 90% striking resemblance!!! argh~! hahaha.. but, it was nice to start my day this way.. as in, it brightens up ur day as u see what u wanna see and remember.. doesn't it.. ??? woohooo.. come on.. come on.. give me more perks of life bah!!! like what i said in my previous posting... its amazing how such little things in life make u feel much better... wooo... zhen happy wor.. ;)

now, like i always have in my posting.. some worrying stuffz... think that these days she is having a lowest point of her life bah.. she seems to me, like very sad leh.. dun know why.. or is it towards me only? oh well, hope everything turns out fine! in a way or two bah.. :)

life is only wonderful with challenges met.. it will be boring and down if everything is stagnant.. isn't it.. ? tats why sometimes when i whine abt stuffs, i actually cherish that moment as i have stuffs to whine abt.. :)

u take care, ok? dun forget to put on that smile u have.. it not only brightens up ur day.. it will also brighten up pple around u.. :D

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