Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a happy day!

hmmmm.. today on my way to school, btw, its my first time coming so early to school on a wednesday.. serious.. its so early lor.. usually i come to school on wednesday at ard 1100hrs - 1200hrs... today, at 0930hrs!, never mind.. but to the main topic, i saw two interesting things...

firstly, ya.. i did it on purpose.. i saw that person whom i mentioned in the early postings.. the ger who reminds me of another person! hahaha.. its been pretty long since i last saw her.. errr.. i think its abt 1/2 a month bah.. not very sure abt the exact timeframe.. but, in any ways.. i saw her this morning! its like.. she really has a 90% resemblance to her! i think mainly coz she really looks like her bah.. oh.. something which i din mention.. this person i always see at the bus stop isn't a TP student.. she seems like someone who is contributing to Singapore's workforce.. hahaha.. never mind.. today, she sat pretty far away from her usual seat.. maybe coz its already taken up bah.. thats why she sat so far! the journey to school always seem so fast whenever she is in the same bus with me.. dun know why.. something pretty weird, rite? dun wish to know why anyway.. juz wanna keep this unique feeling within me! main reason for it, she simply reminds me of her! :)

next, it is neither something which everyone can see nor a daily occurance... i saw two kitties(oops..) mistake.. its cats... they are like.. hmmm.. how shld i say it.. errr... preparing for the next generation? hahaha... they were like doing it so publicly lor... everyone were looking at them.. looking at their two-cat performance.. hahaha.. they shld have rate it R21.. hahaha.. besides looking at them, there is this lady who even went to interfere with their performance.. i think the lady probably thinks that the male performer is trying to rape the lead actress.. hahaha.. funny! while looking at them, i kept wanna laugh out loud lor.. luckily it was in the public.. else, i would probably be rolling on the ground and bursting into laughter! ahhaha... cute lor.. wanted to take a photo of them performing.. but, its like very rude.. hahaha.. so, decided not to.. guess i can't treat u pple to some eye opener! :P

these are just some perks of life to me! its amazing how these little stuffs that occurs in life juz simply brighten up someone's day.. isnt it.. ? i hope i can have daily perks to keep me going.. too bad, i dun have a permanent one! but still, i will treasure this little wish of my.. like the chinese saying goes.. xi wang zai ren jian! ;)

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