Wednesday, August 17, 2005

hectic dayz are not yet over!

woohooo.. like what the topic of this post suggests... hectic dayz ain't over yet!

been tied down by many many projects these dayz.. project here project there.. kinda sick of it.. but, thats part and parcel of poly life.. isn't it? heh heh.. gotta learn how to accept it as the near future would be something like tat if i plan to enter the IT industry.. still looking into my options.. hopefully i can get a job to my liking.. *grinz*

today will be a packed day for me.. gotta go have my haircut.. gotta go LTA to pay the road tax.. then, go back to school for more projects.. wahhaha.. 真爽! hahaa.. abit 便态 hor.. dun know.. tats me, anyway.. ;)

oh.. something to highlight.. VERY SAD ah!!! no presidential election @ singapore.. not that i find it fun.. juz that i hope to see the pple evaluate on the current president's term of office.. see the number of support votes he get.. this would kinda strenghten his support if he returns to the office.. wouldn't it? hai!

oh.. another thing!!! i m turning fat... !!! ok.. not as if i ain't fat from the beginning.. juz that i m fatter now! :X


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