Tuesday, August 09, 2005

damn! i m in love again!!!

sh!t man.. i m so in love again!!!

but.... something new about this new love i found.. or, shld i say.. i had!

and... the person i love is so super nice to me!

giving me space to breathe..

space to live in..

accomodate me even though she have to do the same to alot of pple out there..

sometimes, she also have to face the possibility of me rubbishing her...

most importantly of all.. she accepts my love quietly and most certainly..

u are juz so lovely.. no wonder i fell for u, S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E !!!

hahaha.. hApPy 40th BiRThDaY!!! *mUaCkS* (ok.. where shld this kiss goes to.. ? hmmm...)


anyway, i m gonna be damn occupied with my work lately.. hai! its gonna be a long long month.. ! damn.. relaxed too much during the past.. now, coming back to the regrets period! tats the usual lifestyle of poly students bahz.. fine fine fine.. me only la.. hahaha..

another thing.. went shopping with daniel and guowei in the afternoon.. bought a ring! yeapz.. wanted to get one for quite sometime le.. finally got it today! heh heh..

before i end this posting, once again, wanna wish singapore a happy 40th bday!!! :)

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