Wednesday, August 03, 2005

dedicated to Sub Com. members of INTSC AY04/05

now, heres for some of the sub com. members who i have worked with!

Jinrong : hahaha.. know each other even before we got to know each other further @ INTSC.. guess somehow, we psycho-ed u into the sub com.. rite? thats if i remember correctly la.. heehee.. know that u have been a great help ever since the start of the AY.. been actively involved in our events.. helping up whenever it is possible.. but, mainly, u have really left me a great impression during the Orientation Leader Training Camp.. and of course, my event, Week Zero Orientation ! hahaha.. responsible person, i muz say.. another thing, this person is CRAZY!!! she gets really high whenever there are fun stuffs around! still remember how she lost her voice during Week Zero.. hahaha.. "sexy" voice wor!!! heh heh.. hope to see ya ard.. and, thanks for ur help! :)

Yvonne Zeng : shes the organizer of the TP Open House 2005 event.. though she didn't really outshine during the event itself, as in, making herself high profile..(guess she is juz shy), but in actual fact, she have been very actively involved in the planning of the event... if it wasn't for her, the event wouldn't have tasted such a sounding success! besides the Open House event, she have also helped alot in Week Zero Event.. can still remember how she tried to sabo me at LT4.. hahaha.. fun! thanks alot, yvonne! ur help was definitely felt and appreciated!!!

Sheila : haahaa.. still remember how u shouted throughout the Week Zero Event.. err.. most prominently, the tour around the school time.. hahaha.. hot weather makes u have rosy cheeks, rite? hahaha.. "Do u need some water??" does it rings a bell?? sounds like a sentence which Deputy Director told u.. rite? hahaha.. and, seriously, din know that u have no idea on how to dance the mass dance.. paiseh.. u shld have told me or the rest wat.. hahaha.. bleahz~ dun think haf a chance to work together anymore.. but, in any wayz, take care, kae? ;)

gosh.. really can't think of anymore sub coms to thank le.. oh well, now, for my own thoughts to the sub com as a whole..

u pple have been nice.. nice enough to help up whenever we need u all to.. sometimes, the help came w/o much comments.. while there were times whereby complains and comments flew about the LT.. especially whenever we have an event de-brief.. not saying that it isn't good to comment and complain.. in a way or two, these comments make us more productivity for the other events.. but, some of them came to us as unfair remarks.. such as how come the event cannot be planned earlier.. as everyone knows.. not everything we want, we can get it.. this goes same for us.. hope u pple understand.. overall, really happy to work with u pple for two semesters! it was fun! ok.. i had fun.. what abt u? heehee.. (wonders how many sub com will read this posting... but, in anyway, as long as one of u read this posting, my effort won't be wasted! :P)

ok.. not all that i have worked with.. but, those who have left an impression in me! so, if i dun name u in this posting, doesn't mean that u are not noticed.. juz that the pple whom i posted here are juz pple who i have things to say to! :P

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