Tuesday, August 30, 2005

weird dream

wooo! finally had a dream! its been so long since i last had a good slp together with a dream! but... its weird.. a really weird dream!!! super duper weird lor..
dun know why.. maybe the dream is trying to hint me on something.. i dun know.. i seriously dont..

here goes the dream....

i dreamt that theres alot of pple.. pple who are close to me... u can say that there are almost all my relatives in my dream.. in it... they were all very busy.. busy preparing for something... something which is known modernly as W-E-D-D-I-N-G! hahaha.. whose wedding.. ? errr... someone of the name of aaron.. lol.. sounds like my.. right? yeap.. its my!!! lol...

errr.. the way i got hooked up with my "soon-to-be" partner was also in a very weird manner.. i mean.. we juz got together as a "couple".. errr.. in my dreams couple.. hahaa.. curious to know who my partner is.. ?? ooo.. she can be known as one of my childhood friend.. i shall not mention any names here as it isn't a very good thing to do.. anyway.. the important thing is we juz got hooked up together.. juz like tat.. weird, right? ok.. but to the story... we were like very close to each other while the preparations got going.. errr.. for those trying to define the "close" i mentioned earlier on.. nope.. its not those kinda physically close.. two persons' event... okok.. quite physically close la.. but its those kinda blissful type of close.. the feeling is good.. not good coz i m with her.. good as in i have finally taste the truthness in love! i adore such dreams telling me life is still wonderful.. i seriously adore it! maybe coz in the reality, i dun get such feelings that willingly? dun know.. but if i really get it, i will definitely cherish it like no one else do! :D

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