Sunday, October 09, 2005


time really flies... it has already been 1 week since i started work at Scandent, my SIP company..

oh well, time there is so far quite lax.. we just breezed thru the first week lor.. and, like what i said earlier on.. its like a flash!

anyway, went out earlier on.. waa.. so long never go out liao.. the outside world seems a stranger to me.. really strange.. the feeling its like, "hmm.. is this my first time in Singapore" ? hahaha.. nope.. not exaggerating.. serious! i really wonder.. after my trip overseas, will i still know this place i grew up at.. ? its only one week since i last drove out.. whats more after 3 mths..

yup.. talked alot while i was out with my friend.. shes like keep listening.. and, me? contradicting myself.. saying things i have said.. maybe i just need a pair of good listening ears bah.. listen to me whine abt the simplest things in life.. up to the important ones.. (err.. did i ever say important stuffs? abit not true for a crappy guy like me leh!) hahaha.. see what i meant by contradicting myself? :D

oh man.. i think i will miss this place alot alot.. tonight is really a night how emotions.. not the type of emotions from the heart.. but, for the place i have been living for the past 21yrs.. :)

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