Friday, October 28, 2005

it all happened in a flash!

everything around me seems to be passing thru so damn fast..

why i say tat?

hmmm.. its like just another 3 more days, i will be leaving Singapore for abt a period of 3mths time.. so fast, right... ? i believe so too..

what will i miss? lots and lots of stuffs! seriously.. i think i will miss the people here more than the food.. hahaha.. food, everywhere also have... what really matters is whether i can adapt to it..

ahhh.. finally put down one big boulder from my shoulder.. it feels so good to be free of it.. oh, btw, i saw that stupid police officer's name.. only a Corporal.. act big.. action bay dey.. aiyahz.. i think its pretty his nature bah.. an action action patrolman...

anyway, m feeling tired liaoz.. gonna go to bed.. nites! :)

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