Wednesday, October 19, 2005

settling down~

err.. nope.. i m not marrying.. hahaha..

juz that i finally get to have a better rest after working throughout..

worked during the last weekend.. thought i could rest myself during sunday.. but, last minute kanna called up.. to work ! argh.. work work work.. dun think i can see the money that soon.. getting damn broke liao.. somemore, gotta pay some other stuffs.. take flu vaccination.. change currency.. oh man.. go where find so much $$$ ??? i really hope $$$ can juz drop infront of me.. and, hope its gonna be quite an amount.. hahaha..

recently, been going out with my friends.. though i don't sae this out infront of them.. but, i will say it here.. gonna miss you pple.. ! hope to crap more with u all before i fly.. :)

oh well.. gonna make this short.. take care, everyone! :)

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