Sunday, October 09, 2005

i dream!

hmmm.. for the past 2 nights.. i have been dreaming.. yeapz.. its already very long since i started to have such "activity".. hahaha..

both dreams, were mimicked me very truely in life.. what kinda dream?? yup.. u guessed it right.. its again dreams that involved feelings from the heart! hahaha.. who knows why i m having such dreams.. btw, why i said they mimicked my life is coz in it, i still m a wanderer in relationships.. hahaha..! (see.. even in dreams, i m so unsuccessful!!! :< )

theres even this part of the dream which i dread alot! the one i had on saturday nite was like.. i was walking past her workplace, yea.. i could have avoided it.., when i was damn close to the shop, she suddenly came out! in a split second, i turned back and ran away.. hahaha!!! damn freaking timid! i know! lol... the running part was also damn funny lor.. i ran like flash! in reality, how can one actually run at that kinda environment?? i mean.. the place is usually damn crowded one lor.. where did all the people in my dream went?? lol... even at this moment when i typed this posting, i m laughing at myself! hahaha.. why laughing?

got two reasons to this laughter.. firstly, laughing at my stupidity! fancy a guy.. doing such thing.. i only see this kinda scenes in show.. and, usually, i grade this kinda person as a fool.. !!! secondly, the "reality" level of the dream.. never thought i would reacted this way.. hahaha.. damn funny and cute.. ;)

just to share it with u pple out there.. :D


Lu_Bu A.k.a 永宏 said...

lol, sometimes dreams are really frustrating, u would wake up to it and say why dint i do this and this... since its a dream... there wont be any consequences.... (e.g. robbing a bank, go tell the girl that appeared in your dream that u love her...) but when u dream of it again the next time.... u still wont pull it off and shoot right to the point... lol...
how we wish we could sorta realise we ARE dreaming and go for it in our dream... 'at least' ... ^^;

ah ron said...

agreed! moreover, dreams go the way u want it to be.. maybe, i can even dream of her falling for me instead? hahaha.. ONLY in DREAMS.. :)