Sunday, October 02, 2005


yeah! finally.. blogged nonsense for the 100th time already.. ahhaha..

alright.. last few days was quite a challenge.. why? coz there was so many many outings.. hahaha.. almost everyday, full of outings.. really living my life to its fullest and stretching my freedom to its max!

heh heh.. thursday, theres a dinner outing with my caregroup mates.. purpose of the outing is to celebrate one of our ex-caregroup mate's bday.. fun, it was.. but, started out pretty bad as i was having a pretty bad mood swing.. hmmm.. dun know la.. wateva it is, it only managed to disappear 2hrs later.. after the meal, we went to mount faber.. the place was having a private function but, still, the pple manage to find us a cushion seat.. after much thinking, we decided to give it a skip as the place was damn noisy.. not forgetting the intimacy of couples sitting beside us.. wooohooo! when heading back to the vehicle, suddenly thought of taking a look at the night scenery.. strikes back some memories.. memories of me going there with her... weeeheee~~~ i sure adore that moment there.. its nice.. ;)
back here.. anyway, the place didn't work out.. so, we juz carried on our journey to some other place.. halfway thru, sui wanted to go home.. so, fetched her home.. after tat, jac also wanted to leave us.. likewise, fetched her home.. the next destination was to a place where i loved.. yeap.. the starry starry night is very visible there! thats beside changi airport.. :)
been very long since i last went there.. this time round, with a bunch of friends.. had some memories there too.. really like it there also.. had fun there with my friends.. talked abit.. and rest awhile before deciding to end the day!

friday was outing with my ENC course mates.. another fun outing.. juz relaxed and had fun.. oh.. not forgetting to mention 2 incidents.. which my friends are always mentioning... firstly, the incident whereby i took wanxin's dog for a walk.. but, her dog is so attached to her that she does not want to move! i also dun know why.. dun ask me.. but, when it decided to move, it headed straight towards another dog.. walked by 2 ladies.. and ya.. the whole group of them juz shout out that i wanna know the 2 ladies using the dog as an excuse.. as usual.. seriously, it was juz a accident.. not a planned one! :
next, was tat genie was drunk! as she was sitting on those stone chair.. there wasn't anything she could rely on.. so, she was like using the drunken stance.. turn here and there.. losing her center of gravity.. hahaha.. to prevent her from falling, i sat on the same chair with her.. then, trying to hold on to her whenever she uses her "stance"... like that also kanna shoot.. thanks hor, buddies! u know who u are.. (eric, yh and jason)..

saturday was a day of VCD! stayed home to watch "我和僵尸有个约会3之永恒国度".. nice!!! very nice.. chiong throughout.. the last show i remembered chionging was huan zhu ge ge.. hahaha... i watched it.. so ? hahaha... :D
but, during the night, was a hectic one.. chionged dota thru-out! game game game.. then, as usual, after game, go eat breakfast! loL...

as for sunday.. went out with eric, yh and jason... went bugis area.. bought a flash drive for my dad.. and a business pants for myself.. :)

think i shall end this blog posting.. coz i playing game with them now! hahaha.. can't concentrate.. later kanna scolding.. :P

before i do so, i juz wanna wish eric all the best at shanghai!!! take care, 四弟 !


Lu_Bu A.k.a 永宏 said...

u are old liao!~ 100th post ! lol

ah ron said...

my blog is old.. not me.. :\