Tuesday, October 11, 2005

travel packed!

been travelling around for today... up and down! tedious lor.. think i spent close to $8 for all the transportation fees... hahaha..

went to CMPB for medical checkup.. hmmm.. it took damn long lor.. abt 5hrs++.. winner sia.. the stupid survey and IQ test sux lor.. so damn long sia.. 100++ questions.. buey tahan.. dun know what they trying to test also.. was sitting infront of the computer feeling quite frustrated.. not coz i can't handle the questions... is that while handling the questions, my stomach is having a "war" within! lol.. when finally finished the IQ test, next came the 100++ questions survey.. argh.. took me abt an hr to complete..

once i completed the whole thing and ready to walk out.. i was already having a terrible gastric.. i felt my stomach totally numb with some pain over it.. juz tat i din cry out loud only.. if i were at home, i would probably be rolling about lor.. hahaha.. not exaggerating.. it is really the case! imagine i just had a slice of bread for breakfast.. then, its like.. way over the lunch time.. aiya.. wateva the case.. the medical checkup sux.. an advice for those who yet to go.. remember to EAT ALL U CAN before u go for the check up.. dun worry.. they won't ask u to jump abt.. so, u won't get upset over the heavy breakfast.. :D

oh ya.. i pity those fathers/mothers/gf/bf(is there any..) who were there to accompany their son/bf/gf(wateva..) i think they were the one suffering much more than the applicants.. hahaha.. at least we got to walk abt from stations to another.. they juz sit there and stare at pple walking ard.. so sad.. hahaha.. :D

alright.. better go get some slp soon.. only had 1++hr of slp for the last 48hrs.. :D

nitey, peepz.. ;)

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