Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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the above statement is juz a disclaimer for this posting...

Been thinking while in training earlier on.. is the law here to deter people from straying to the bad side or just there to coz fear from others committing crimes.. ? hmmm.. to me, i dun think its either of it.. basically, i think that law is juz there to get things moving in the most orderly way as it is suppose to be..

BUT, recently, there are DOUBTS over my own view.. seriously.. i simply juz dun understand.. is law like what others use to say, "Law is blind and everyone is the same under it" ? alright.. lets talk more about this.. i juz simply dun understand this part.. giving a lenghty sentence and huge amount of fine can definitely make one remember the lesson.. but, does that mean that giving warnings and penalties which the offender can afford to reach the same effect? as in, giving them a lesson to learn from.. hmmm.. if the penalty and such are given to anyone who is a human being, come on.. everybody knows that there is a difference between the rich and the poor.. a rich person can easily afford the huge sum of penalty.. while a poor person can't.. is this what which is known as fairness? hmm.. i seriously doubt so..

now, another part which i dun understand.. how come theres totally no sense of forgive-ness in this world class society where i m in.. ? everyone is juz so indulged in knowing that this society have good security.. everything is safe.. blah blah blah.. but, have they thought that this society is losing its sense of forgive-ness just to be known as a safe and well secured place? everyone is so by the books till they have forgotten the roots of forgiveness..

whats the matter with everyone? i seriously dun feel any sense of humanity in everyone anymore... m very disappointed with things going on.. *sighz*

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