Saturday, October 22, 2005

medicines are so expensive..

three jabs and it costed me abt $120+.. excluding 21 anti-malaria pills($44.10), it costed me a total of $160+++... hai.. talking abt going for an overseas trip which is "paid" by school.. so many hidden cost!!!

hmmm.. anyway, was briefed abt the side effects of the pills.. i will experience symptons like depression.. anxiety.. nauseousness.. and even have nightmares... woooo... ! tats craziness... hahaha.. but, better play safe.. :P

ahhh.. so boring.. later gotta settle some personal stuffs.. hope it turn out well for me.. at least till what i expect..

life is juz so sad.. and, still, i hate that person who caused me so much trouble.. to HELL for U!!! *angish*

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