Thursday, September 29, 2005

99th time!

hmmm.. this is my 99th posting! weeeeeee... 1 more to a hundred.. ;)

anyway, feeling high now.. dun know why..

went back to school today.. was told that i need to attend a talk.. din know that the talk was venue at NUS.. hahaha.. stupid.. rite? yup.. from the start of it.. it was pretty stupid liaoz.. i was late from the meeting time of 1300hrs.. reached sch abt 1310hrs.. why? coz when i headed for 23 bus stop.. i juz see the bus zoom past me.. hai.. hahaha.. and, guess what! i was the 2nd last to board the bus! everyone already well seated.. so paiseh.. hahaha.. the last was yh ! he.. worse la.. msg him at abt 1240hrs.. told me he juz woke up.. winner!!! shall not elaborate more on the waiting part.. hahaha...

the seminar was quite okay.. talked abt pretty technology stuffs.. what do u expect from an infocomm talk? hahaha... when exiting the place, i hurt yh's leg with the door... glass panel door somemore.. his little toe was hurt in the process.. it was bleeding like it didn't bleed before.. hahaha.. paiseh, yh.. din do it on purpose.. if i really have the intention to make u bleed, that wouldn't be my choice.. i juz need a knife will do.. hahaha.. ;)

hahaha.. another thing to mention for today's happenings.. went to LJS to have my dinner with eric, yh, mingsui and xingyi.. we had quite a meal before deciding to leave the place.. as we were still deciding whether to have a k session, something happened... someone walked past! and, guess who.. dun tell u leh.. hahaha.. all i can say is tat after that, someone's mood went up to the highest and fell down to its rock bottom.. :D

hmmm.. now, as i stated earlier on, still feeling quite high.. alot of things went thru my mind.. at a flash.. decided that i shld start to take things very easy.. dun bottle everything up to myself.. enjoy my last few days of freedom.. with no worries and thoughts.. live it to the fullest.. even though i know that if i strive for what i want, i might be happier than i m now.. but, i know if i fight for it, there are still chances whereby i will feel damn sad.. and i know that this chance is pretty high.. how i know it? from the way things are right now.. its like a possibility of 0.01% that i will succeed.. so, might as well.. juz leave it as it is.. let me cherish the moments i had with her.. the moments whereby was filled with smiles, laughter, happiness and joy.. so nice.. love it.. ;)

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