Saturday, September 03, 2005

fattening day!

yesterday evening was really a fattening day... luckily, i didn't had my dinner.. at least it was better to go for the outing with an empty stomach.. :D

it was a typical all guys outing... total, 8 of us.. ahahha.. lucky number wor! :D

initially, we went to fisherman village.. it would have been better if the rain have stopped.. the place would be so much better! but, in anyway, we still went on and sat down at one of the seaside bar to chill.. mainly, the chat topic were the results of 绝对Superstar and the outing at china black which a few of them went during wednesday.. hahaha..

many of the guys felt the same way like i did... kelly did a better job than weilian during the finals.. but, yong hon told us that there was actually a reason behind why kelly lost.. that is her fans felt that Universal Music was a better company for her as compared to Play Music.. hmmm... dun know.. but if u ask me, likewise, i feel that Universal Music is more well known leh.. hahaha.. whatever the case, the competition is already over! so, be gone with it!!! :D

next, the china black outing.. hmmm.. kelvin power lor.. juz speak whateva he felt like saying.. its like.. he went there, talked to a "butch", and "branded" her as a loser when he know that this "butch" is actually a 4.1-er... hahaha!! dumb lor! later kanna whack then he will realise what kinda words he have spouted out.. hahaa..

oh.. one more thing! i kept having dreams recently.. this time round, the dream was abt me and my group of friends in a lab! as usual.. we sat down at the lab.. and were engaged in a game! the dream is damn stupid hor.. so, pple... dun laugh when i narrate it hor.. hahaha.. ok.. the game became so realistic that the playing character chosen by one of my friend uses a weapon which is a fire bomb.. those kinda use beer bottle.. then, tipped with a litted towel and, "bomb".. fire! hahaha.. we were so engrossed with the game.. then, suddenly, the "bomb" came out of the screen and hit one corner of the lab.. as the lab is fully PC, there were alot of wires.. we were all stunned by what happened.. but, my this friend juz kept continuing with the action.. which meant, he kept getting his chosen character to throw the fire bomb.. till the whole lab caught fire lor.. hahaha.. dumb, rite??? and, the friend happens to be Jason Tiang.. buwahahaha... dun ask me why its him.. its juz him.. tats all.. hahahaa... what abt the ending? the ending is very dumb-er!
lol... we tried to extinguish the fire.. but, to no avail... so, we rushed outta the lab.. and amazingly, there were explosions! we thought it would be damn jialat.. but, as amazing as the explosions, the fire was extinguished after the explosions.. hahahaha.. where got logic.. but, as i say.. its a dream.. in dreams, anything/everything is possible! hahaha.. we went into the lab.. cleared up everything.. and acted as if nothing happened.. tats all from my lousy and long dream! loL... ;)


ah ron said...

a big "HUH" for my dream.. :D

ShadowZ said...

liew ... i wish i could go ... nvm , i will join u all the moment my WCG is OVER :P

ah ron said...

hey.. no prob man.. we could always go after tat.. :D

anyway, during the wcg compy, i might be at suntec workin'... coz, its NATAS fair at the same time with WCG.. hahaha ... :D

ShadowZ said...

win liao lah :P but i hope we will not disappoint u

ah ron said...

yup... hope theres no disappointment!!! jia you! :)