Tuesday, September 13, 2005

tiring day.. very tiring...

waaaaaaa..........!!! tired leh!!! so damn tired leh~~~ *my eye lids feels so heavy!*

why? all thanks to my friends... hahaha... play till like i no need any sleep like tat... only reached home at abt 0630hrs... slept till 0900hrs.. abt 2hr 30mins sleeping time only! and, i have gotta work for 9hrs after tat... waaa.. feeling the kick now... sit on the chair till my head falling off it... why? coz its so hella heavy! >.<

went to quite a number of places with eric, yh and jason.. played quite alot.. and, SPENT alot too!!! ahhhh.... spent like no tomorrow like tat.. heh heh..

btw, we went to watch longest yard yesterday.. it was pretty nice... quite a humourous show.. hahha.. yup! :D

dun know what to do now... updating the blog while working... hahaha.. will blog more when i m free-er.. :D

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