Sunday, September 25, 2005

the decision is...

i have decided to leave for India.. haahaa... ya.. din tell many pple ard me.. only told some of them.. but, its spreading like wild fire now.. worst than sumatra fire.. hahaha.. so, might as well juz say it out now.. (p.s.: i really hope to let u know.. but, i m afraid.. afraid of being ignored.. therefore, din tell u eventually..)

anyway, its like, many pple tell me that the trip might help me in forgetting stuffs which i shld.. my answer to them? what if 4mths later, everything is still in the position of being unchanged? wouldn't it be worse.. ? as such, i have no intention of forgetting it.. dun wanna give myself hope and fall outta it eventually.. i would rather stay at the same point.. hoping for miracle to occur.. who knows.. one day when i wake up, i will juz simply forget.. forget abt the feeling which i strongly have on her..

nowadays, its like, i have been slpin' at times like 0700hrs++.. jialat.. will become a night owl soon.. n also, have this slight stiff neck feeling.. ahhh... ! dun wanna have a stiff neck.. it will make me feel like my neck is being in a cast.. yucks.. lousy feeling!

one last thing.. heard tat theres a brewing battle of relationship between 4 pple going on now.. i was like.. "waaa... !" tats amazing... seen lots of triangle relationships ard.. but, rarely, i see square relationships.. hahaha.. square.. good term to define this kinda relationship.. sounds weird but looks cute.. ahahaha..

alright.. shall blog another time.. :)

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ShadowZ said...

wow who so strong in this 4 man relationship ?? =D