Monday, September 19, 2005


i like making decisions for myself.. decisions whereby will benefit me.. let me be the more advantagous party in the sense of anything... serious.. u can say me as a selfish being or even self-centred.. i dun care..

but, recently, i have so many big decisions to make.. these decisions are so impactive that i juz feel like escaping or ignoring it.. dun know why also.. maybe, one can get easy from even the simplest thing in life let alone those big ones..? dun know how to explain this.. hmmm.. o-O"

another thing.. recently, no matter what i do, i dun seem to get it the way i want it to be.. been pretty down on luck.. even simple jobs assigned to me can't be done in one piece... always making simple task looks complicated... not that i want.. is juz tat i dun know whats happening..

siGhz.. guess i juz need some time to cool down bah...

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