Tuesday, September 06, 2005

effort.. gone to the drain!

hmmmm...... started the day pretty badly.. only one sentence to describe the feeling of it.. "All efforts wasted".. dun know.. at least tats what i feel.. dun know what shld i do with the CDs.. really dun know.. at this very moment, i juz look at the CDs lying on my computer table.. beside my table lamp.. and think, "poor CDs.. !"

anyway, never mind la.. shld feel optimistic! but, i will still think of a way to get make use of the CDs.. how? i also dun know.. *gRinZ*

went to bugis todae.. its supposingly for aixuan's belated bday celebration.. din know they gonna eat at sakae sushi.. went there with a 1/3 full stomach... coz i ate bread before leaving for bugis.. waste the 1/3 space for the sushis!!! ahahha... while eating at sakae sushi, the stupid place blacked-out twice! aiyooo.. so lousy! each black-out took them more than 10mins to rectify the problem lor.. can u imagine? the conveyer belt not moving.. no air condition.. torturing their clients!!! lousy service! hahaha.. after the meal, went to bugis street to walk abt.. i tell u.. the place is pretty stuffy! if u ever think of going there, dun even wear a shirt with a long pants.. it will only fill u with perspiration lor.. hahaahh... dun know how those pple can stand the heat there.. especially her! how she did it? and i wonder... *grinz*

after shopping there, went back to bugis junction to meet up with jason bay.. he really gained weight! he kept emphasizing to use that SIP = get fat session! why? coz we will juz need to sit down at our seat.. do our work.. and while doing, munch some food.. thus, gaining weight! sound abit scary.. but, who cares.. exercise more will ensure that no such thing will happen to me.. :P after meeting up with him, the whole group of us, elvin, mingsui, mei ting, christina, aixuan, jason and i, went to coffeebean, sat down and chatted thru... as usual, nothing constructive.. juz plain nonsense!!! thats so typical of C040.. :D

right after the coffeebean chatting session, we parted with aixuan and headed to paradiz centre for a k-session! but before elvin and i went for the session, we headed to dhoby ghaut to meet up with phyllis.. he needed to meet her for some studies club stuffs... so, i accompanied him to the station.. they chatted for quite long.. so long that it was way pass the opening hours of "Subway".. ahahha.. abit paiseh.. feel like the staffs there were waiting for us to leave.. but, they juz continue talking.. the pple at subway needed to wait pass 20mins from the usual opening hours before we left.. hahaha... during the k-session, we met up with one of the staff there.. i would grade her as a pretty cute and nice looking lady! hahaha.. serious.. too bad, didnt take her number.. but, at least, i know where to find her if i have second thoughts.. hahaha.. one thing, shes a chinese national... but, its okay if i have a change of mind.. which is pretty unlikely! why? coz theres no more room to accomodate any other inidividual! ahahhaa... one is enuff! ;)

think i gonna go to bed.. wake up later to study! slp well, pple... *smiles*

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