Thursday, September 01, 2005

song nite..

hmmm.. tonight, i juz wanna sing my nite away.. dun know why.. maybe coz of the superstar fever bah.. heh heh..

was watching 绝对Superstar!, it was quite nice.. my thoughts of the show? hmmm.. frankly speaking, i think that the better singer for the night is Kelly... she sounded much better and confident.. juz like what a superstar muz have as a talent and quality... but, for weilian, he did well for the round which he won.. i thought that that round was his best round for tonight.. as for the rest of the rounds, he did quite badly.. to what i think la.. i also think that he shld have chosen the daniel chan's song which he sang during one of the preliminary rounds.. it shld have sounded better.. but i know, he tried bah.. :)

another thing i wanna speak out over the whole competition.. i feel that alot of pple voted weilian coz he has a physical disable... as i always hear from interviews on him.. pple will always say, "I will vote for weilian.. coz i think its very couragous for someone who is disabled to go so far...", to me.. its like an encouragement for him.. but, if i think further, i will not like such comments.. why? coz i feel its like pple vote for him due to his courage but, not his talent in music.. oh well, i dun know.. all these are juz my feelings bah.. nonetheless, feelings aside.. my best wishes to both the finalist! u all did well.. though i din always catch the show, in fact, i only actually sat down to watch the final throughout.. din even watched any other episodes in full.. hahaha.. :)

now, let me share with you one of the songs i have been singing thru-out the day..

Rick Price - Heaven Knows

She's always on my mind
From the time I wake up,
Till I close my eyes.
She's everywhere I go
She's all I know.

And though she's so far away,
It just keeps getting stronger everyday
And even now she's gone
I'm still holding on

So tell me, where do I start
'Coz it's breakin' my heart
Don't wanna let her go


Maybe my love will come back someday
Only heaven knows
And maybe our hearts will find a way
But only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope & pray
'Coz heaven knows.

My friends keep telling me
That if you really love her,
You've gotta set her free
And if she returns in time
I'll know she's mine

But tell me, where do I start
'Coz it's breakin' my heart
Don't wanna let her go

(Repeat Chorus except last line)


'Coz heaven knows
Why I live in despair
'Coz wide awake or dreamin',
I know she's never there
And all the time I act so brave,
I'm shakin' inside
Why does it hurt me so?

(Repeat Chorus)

Heaven knows... heaven knows.

nice song... juz suddenly feel like singing it.. maybe coz its quite applicable to me bah.. or, issit, i juz like this song? 不知道!:)


ShadowZ said...

should i sing that song too ?? :P

Lu_Bu A.k.a 永宏 said...

All tink abt girls until siao liao.... nuts !
anyway gd that kelly gets signed with universal... 3 cheers !

ah ron said...

shadowz: hahaha.. join me in singing it bah.. :D

lubu: what sia.. where got gers.. ???