Wednesday, May 02, 2007

first time..

many first times i had encountered since the start of this year..

mainly, the first times i had with the car..

earlier this yr, i changed the car battery myself.. yeah.. myself!

why did i do it?

the vehicle just wouldnt start.. plus, my dad have kept an extra battery which he gotten from the manufacturer.. so, yup.. just decided to give it a shot.. and, yes! i did it!

although at the start of it, was pretty unsure if i could accomplish the supposedly uphill task.. but yet, i did it! no sweat.. hahaha.. or, shld i say, perspired like hell in the end... hahaha..

next, only during monday evening, i changed the vehicle's tyre! hahaha.. was coz of a flat tyre which i had right outta paya lebar.. till kovan.. whilist on my way to the workshop, quite a number of drivers warned me over the flat tyre.. which i gladly appreciated their kindness.. was abit pissed though.. coz of the stupid flat tyre.. making control of the vehicle 3x harder than normal.. and, when we reached the workshop.. it was closed!!! damn it.. was wearing my uniform somemore.. what a way to create an image in others.. seeing someone in a military uniform, walking up and down trying to look for a decent tyre workshop.. but, to no avail..

after thinking for awhile, decided to ask for help from the neighbours of the closed tyre shop.. and, the one i asked was like trying to direct us w/o even giving us the road name of the shop he was directing us to.. he took it as if my mum and i are like people who never been to kovan area before.. when we prompted him for the road name of the shop, he just simply dun wanna give.. dun know what went wrong with him..

so, after awhile, i decided we just try our luck at the new tyre shop... but, changed my mind when i started to move off.. i decided to move to one of the lanes to try change the tyre with the spare myself.. and, yup.. there i went.. fixing up the thing.. din know that i could do it with just two different tools.. a tube-like spanner and a jacker..

was pretty fun changing it.. just that things went abit dirty with all the dirts accumulated on the spare tyre even since its purchase like 2yrs ago.. hahaha..

can you wonder? someone wearing a military uniform, changing tyre by the road side? hahha.. was fun doing it though.. =p

anyway, am feeling abit tired... just cant seem to be able to design the orbat chart.. so, might as well not waste time.. better go get some rest and brace myself for tomorrow.. :)

good nite..

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