Sunday, April 29, 2007

i have got...

total of...

4 pillows..

2 bolsters..

1 silk blanket..

1 queen sized bed..

i remember once someone told me.. the amount of pillows on your bed depicts the amount of love you yearn for..

seems like, yes, just like what joy said, i want to have love.. but, yet, i am always rejecting and reluntant to accept it as it comes along..

courtship can be just a big hassle to go thru.. relationship can just be simply difficult to maintain..

can you bear the hardship of trying to letting the relationship last and always romantic.. ?

can you think of the smallest problem can always be blown up to the biggest one in the whole world?

can you commit yourself to the amount of commitment needed for one?

can you be sure of not hurting ur partner while the process of relationship goes on.. ?

can you not commit the mistakes u did in ur past relationships?

can you stand up to be the one he/she wants u to be.. ?

all one wants is a full and happy relationship.. but, have they thought of the price tag which comes along with it.. ?

if you cant "pay" the price for it, why bother hurting urself.. or worse, hurting someone you care and concern for.. ?

just freaking stay outta the picture.. and, let life goes on w/o you...

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