Friday, May 04, 2007

flight suit..

went to test out my flight suit today..

the place was very near the school.. in fact, it was just opposite the sch..

and, when i saw where my course mates were leading me to, i was kinda afraid..

afraid to go to the place where i have always been before my enlistment..

the place where i waited for her appearance..

no.. not that i cant forget her..

is, i cant think of what to talk to her even if i see her..

lucky was i.. tat didnt happen.. although thru-out the fitting session, i was thinking, what shld i say.. what shld i do... what shld i not do.. and, what shld i not say..

hahaha.. maybe, that got me busy in my mind.. tat i was so frickle in selecting my size of gloves, boots and flight suit.. hahaha.. din really know i can be so indecisive over clothing till today.. hahaa..

anyway, there are much to think about lately..

someone posed me a question.. which, i cant really seem to give a definate answer for that..

and, that is, who is my most loved.. ?

that, of course, does not include my parents.. if it does, i wouldnt be in a dilemma.. isnt it.. ?

i had an answer for that question.. which i let it known to that person too.. but, i also emphasized that my answer at that moment shld not be tat accurate.. due to many factors..

whilst thinking of it, i think, i had a better answer now within my mind..

which, i think, it would be better if i keep it within myself.. :)

hope my thoughts will come thru..

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