Saturday, May 05, 2007

cant wait!

i cant wait for 10th may to come along fast..

i want it to be there soon... yes.. a fast-forward mode!

or, maybe, i dun really want that day to come that fast.. simply just want the activity of the day to come in double quick time..

hahaha.. what is gonna happen on that day?

well, the payroll will roll into my acct!

hahaha.. spent tons of $$$ during the month of april..

so much so that i m kinda getting worried..

worried that my bank will be as dry as a dried fish.. hahaha.. what the hell..

hmmm.. very boring sat. morning for me.. woke up early.. and yet, dun know what to do..

played a game of dota.. though i always deem that dota-playing during my weekends/bookouts are a total waste of time.. hahaha..

was thinking, how good if the old days can be revived back to reality.. or, maybe, happy days shld be the one reviving.. =D

will be another 15 more days before i leave this place.. just 15.. 1 - 5.. fast, isnt it.. ? well, what is meant to happen will happen eventually.. so, i will try to take it up the best i can.. i promised myself.. and, a promise will always be a promise.. :)

"thinking of you, 我有你真好.."

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zhengning said...

Hey there!
Thanks for dropping by blog, haha, really appreciated the tag :]
Takecare and lucks for getting ur pay! haha.