Saturday, May 12, 2007

they said..

people of my current vocation shld be filthy rich.. but, what is happening to me.. ?

oh man.. i dun know where to raise the sum needed for my aussie trip...

i dun know how am i gonna dig out more money for my mum who is going to taiwan..

nonetheless, i know.. at the end day, i will be so "dried up" till i am as good as a salted fish.. hahaha...

geez... always the same case.. have lots of things in mind to blog.. but, till the time i put actual effort into the blogging part, i dun seem to remember what i wanna type..

is this a case of dumbness in me.. ?

hahaha.. i m dumb.. dumbo.. =P

oh, before i end this posting, just wanna tell you guys out there that gossips really can kill..

almost got killed @ school today.. verbally..

now, i gotta face my admin-in-charge this coming monday..

for, she wants to make "things" happen.. ? oh man.. so damn paiseh!!! -_-"

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