Thursday, May 10, 2007


why do some people can take things in strifle.. ?

and, why do others have to make a big "hoo-haa" whenever things goes wrong?

does that means that the former is better in handling things.. ?

or, is it that the latter just wants to attract some attention?

but, have anyone thought another way?

whereby the first category type of people is just simply adapting a "bo chap" attitude.. ?

while the second type of people just cant let things go as it meant alot to him/her ?

maybe, this is what many many others have conclude as "Seeing the world of its two sides"?

conclusion, don't ever come out with an assumption or answer when you are not totally immersed into the situation.. understand the problem first, before concluding on the actions needed to bring whatever involved back to its natural path..

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