Sunday, May 27, 2007


the first weekend at tamworth...

hmm.. nothing much..

just, went out to the town area.. which is like.. pretty small..

nothing much at a foreign land..

guess i can only try to hibernate at my bunk for the later weeks to come..


else, nothing much happened during the week..

had my "maiden" flight cancelled during last friday.. due to some activities the instructors were having..

as for the others, same fate as i had... cancelled..

hahaha.. everyone is like mugging damn really hard.. feel pretty sad to know that i cant mug as well as them.. but still, i will try my best to chase up..

coz, pple say.. as long as u have perserverence, you can still achieve what u want to!

and, yup.. like i promised before my departure, i will do my best!


good luck to me.. :)

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