Friday, May 18, 2007


just got home! was out till pretty late tonight.. a look at the timing of this post tells you everything.. isnt it?

anyway, while on my way back up my home, i was thinking of this song.. yup.. "第一次", started singing while walking down the stairs.. and, first thing when i switched on my computer, i played the MTV... once again, followed the melody and started singing again..

suddenly, i felt that its 很有感触... though it is a song which is played like many yrs back.. the meanings/feelings the song is trying to give to its audience will always be the same..

thru all these, people will start dwelling and reminiscing the occurance of the past.. sometimes, remembering things which have long long long time kept outta ur mind..

its thru sparks of such moments whereby you realise, things are still beautiful in your life.. at the very least of it, you still have great old times to think about.. that explains why people got into the belief of 天长地久... isnt it.. ?

lastly, life for me hasnt change in any ways... still the same old me.. just that, i gonna be leaving singapore soon..

as for the time being, just wanna hope things go well for everyone.. may your the happiest moments of your life be always be part of ur memories.. coz, to me, w/o memories is like plain cruel to urself..

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