Monday, May 07, 2007


didnt know i have such natural ability to lie..


was on the phone earlier with this suveyor whom "caught" me outside my school..

from what i could gather, it is probably some banking pple.. trying to get more investors in their investing plans..

hahaha.. she wanted to meet up with me to like intro me into this plan of hers.. which, to me, aint any interest at all... asked me several questions.. trying to get herself an appointment with me.. just to let me know more abt the plans, etc.. and, i told her, i m going overseas next week.. dun think have the time for her.. was meant to be an excuse though..

but, come to think abt it, i really am leaving next week! so, i m not a liar, k... :)

yeah.. leaving next week! and, i hope, this would be a 2mths affair! hahaha.. really hope so though..

will either end up being happy throughout.. or, sad for i have missed a good chance.. damn..

dilemma.. lots of thoughts.. and such.. but still, gotta carry on.. hope there was someone to share all these with me.. guess, i wouldnt be that lucky at all..

anyway, 3hrs rest before the day of work is definately something which got a tow over me..

was feeling quite shagged out this morning.. but still, went on to watch my movie on PSP.. tiring it is!

AND... i finally got my ear plugs! got it @ $17.10.. usual was $19.. but, due to the member card i got, it was at 10% cheaper for me! :D

lastly, gotta train myself up again.. dun wanna feel this weak anymore.. working towards a goal.. a goal which isnt defined.. a goal which has no limits.. could end up achieving it.. or, losing it.. think everyone just gotta wait for the outcome of it.. *perseverence*

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