Sunday, June 26, 2005

whats happening?

ok.. first of all.. dun know whats happening lor..

why muz always like that one? as in, organise an outing, dun even bother to update pple on the timing and location? what kinda outing is this like that?

abit sian one lor.. in fact.. is damn sian lor..

dun think i can blame anyone for that.. but, at least let pple know wheres the outing at and what time to meet mah.. why muz ask here ask there de? wheres the organizer? ok.. dun even know who lor.. until i ask around, then i realise who the organizer is lor..

yesterday wasn't a good day to me.. dun even know if i can count it as a day or otherwise.. everything i did ended up with disasterous results.. everyone pointing fingers at me.. all i can say, what a bad day it was!!!

i also realised that i have been backstabbed.. always the case.. but, this time round, i see it as a very serious one.. stop spreading words about me lor.. i know you ain't happy abt who n what i m.. and, u are trying ways n means to distort truthz.. din realise this is how vicious u can be.. till yesterday.. althought i can act as if nothing have happened... but, ur actions make me utterly disappointing.. seriously.. i think u shld be backstabbed before u can realise how bad backstabbing others can be.. call me names or spread words about me.. do it the way u like.. u have ur own ways of doing things.. while i have my.. its now up to the pple u spread words to into believin' what u said.. as i have said.. am really disappointed to see the way u are acting now.. really hope u can "fan xing, fan xing" abit..

hope u can be a better person when u do it..

ooo.. btw, went to watch Initial D yesterday night.. ok lor.. not so bad lor.. but, it seems to be a trend whereby movies with well-known actors in it are always abit.. err.. abit, not up to standard one.. maybe their names covered up for the show well and became the level of satisfaction for the viewer.. conclusion, juz look at the actors enough liao.. not the show..

moreover, they emphasized too much on the drifting part.. always talking abt drifting... as if racing is all about drifting.. hahaha.. believe it or not.. toyota winning an evolution... hahaha.. ridiculous.. lead actor doing one-hand driving while racing against an opponent with a vehicle much more powerful than his.. hahhaa.. funny lor.. :D

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