Saturday, June 11, 2005

job vacancy

notice.. its only vacancy instead of vacancies.. try to make up what i wanna say..

heres the job:

Job Scope : To accompany aArOn to go around Singapore during night time..
Criteria : Enjoy star gazing..
Skills Rq. : Provide listening ear for aArOn to whine at...
Qualification : Must be able to understand basic english / chinese..
Gender : Opposite sex would be an advantage..
Age Rq. : 18 - 24

Interested parties can contact me via MSN(, email( or comments... :D

*aArOn regrets to inform all applicants that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.


Anonymous said...

I've actually got a friend who may be very interested in this jib vacanct, how can I make sure that she is qualified?

ah ron said...

waa.. dun make me happy leh.. :X

Anonymous said...

Yes i am not joking. What kind of criteria are you looking for?

ah ron said...

errr.. actually, not much of a preference bah.. as long as can clique then ke yi le.. :D

chelsia said...

lolz... job vacancy? salary? teacher can anot?

ah ron said...

oh plz... this teacher here have already got a mercedes benz liao leh... hahaha... :D