Friday, June 10, 2005

its all my fault

i juz lost someone as a friend yesterday nite..

juz hope that she will forgive n understand why i m doing this.. not coz i wanna hurt her.. but juz want the best for her.. might hurt her in the process of doing so.. but still, i feel its better for her..

anyway, daniel came to serangoon after tat.. had supper with him and talked to him abt many stuffs.. of coz, the above one was mentioned too.. finally, my best friend is outta army.. hahaha.. but, gotta go back in 10 days time.. err.. i mean 9.. hahaha... :D

alright.. trying to think of what to say.. but, can't think of any le.. juz before i end this blog, i wanna wish her all the best in her future.. dui bu qi.. shi wo gu fu le ni..

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