Thursday, June 16, 2005

got back not long ago..

juz got back from a outing with my friends.. err.. the same old group of 5!

hahaha.. been very long since we last came together for an outing..

we are 5 crazy pple.. who juz love to try new stuffs... most memorable was the video taping session.. we actually became short clips directors!!! hahaha.. directing our own scenario of shows.. hahaha.. tat was really really fun!

anyway, this turn round, we chilled out at boat quay, TCC.. oh well, i would say that the stay there is very expensive lor.. or though daniel and willyn kept insisting the price is reasonable.. i juz ordered a lasagne and strawberry milkshake.. and it costed by $20.. what say u ? hahaha.. wateva ur comment is, i juz find it very expensive.. hahaha.. not inclusive of my parking fee of $3.. hahaha..

after TCC, we went to PartyWorld @ Cuppage for a singing session.. i tell u.. charlene is born to sing well!!! we all simply agreed that she is as good as the "Analog" mode for most of the songs lor.. for some songs, she sounded better than the "Analog" mode!!! hahaha... serious.. fantastic singer... as for Mark.. he juz slack around and kept entertaining us with both his hokkien and english songs.. hahaha..

been fun going around with them.. hope it will be soon when we come back together and rule the night! :D

as for her.. hope she is doing well.. though, its been long since we last met.. err.. ok.. never mind.. not really long ahhh.. due to the kanna caught red-handed matter.. hahaha.. nvm~

going to do my MP stuffs le.. wan an! :D

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