Wednesday, June 08, 2005

full of envy

somethings, sometimes, somehow, somewhat.. people will get jealous of each other.. definately.. this is such a common sight.. its just a matter of how deep the jealousy level is at..

i m no exceptional.. serious.. n, my jealousy level in this particular person is one of the highest in my past yrs on earth..

really wanna salute this person.. how did he do it? really.. this makes me wonder.. wonder so deeply that i juz simply feel like going up to him and ask.. but, i dun know him.. juz only know his name.. dun even have an outline of his face..

he is also one real scum to me.. how can he actually bare to do such a thing to tat person.. ? if its me, i would rather say what i usually tell others when i can't stand a situation.. "plz stab me!" then doing that to tat person..

oh well, i can juz comment.. and do nothing abt it.. isn't it? so, juz let me whine it out.. at least i will feel better somehow.. somewhat.. whateva...

really hope that person can rise up to the task in forgetting a scum.. i will be there to help if there really is a need to.. serious.. even i know that there might not be a slightest return in doing so.. ! as long as it helps, i will do it.. of course, please let me help in a way whereby i need not commit a crime hor.. :D

alright, yesterday was a busy n slpy day.. travelling up and down.. went to cbt at 2.. after which, headed home.. not long later, proceeded back to sch to continue with major project.. but, the funniest thing is tat i failed to progress during my 4hrs stay there.. was playing game throughout instead with the other lab mates.. hahaha..

oh, ya! the nomination results for INTSC is out.. 20 successful applicants for 15 seats.. 4 nominations were rejected by SAA.. total, 24 nominees.. oh well, outta the 4, 3 are ex-main com. members.. hope they will appeal and get thru to the elections..

ok.. before i end this post.. i wanna say, "she is able to choose whether to love or not.. while i can only choose to love her more or deeper.."

sounds like i took that from some movie's subtitles or whatsoever.. yes.. but, its just simply too meaningful to be ignored... nites..

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