Friday, June 03, 2005

been long since i m here.. missed me?

hahaha... oh well, been busy the past few dayz.. busy with wat? dun wanna reveal leh.. tell u, u also won't understand.. hehehe...

errr.. ok, the trend these dayz is, "Are you running???".. running for what? running for NAPFA? not so enthu... its running for election...

i wanted to go for it from after knowing that not many of the current main committee members are willing to return.. but, to my surprise, almost more than half are planning to re-run! oh man.. so many year 3s in the committee.. personally, from my side, i know abt 10 individuals planning to run for a place in the main committee.. if i continue with my plans, i think, next sem, the Studies Club can prepare to close down liao.. all the leadership skills are out-sourcing after graduation... so, no point.. think, better dun re-run bah..

next, been thinking of wat to do for my major project.. things like adding new features to it.. explicitly explaining the current functions of it.. ok.. this can get very tedious at times.. so, dun think its easy.. if it is, it wouldn't be named a major project in the first place..

am so slpy today!!! dun know why.. had abt 6 hrs of lying flat on the bed.. but, still m slpy.. as i type this blog, my eyes are feeling very "heavy".. anytime, the "shutters" would juz come down... hahaha..

oh ya.. before i end this post, juz wanna say, i m addicted! addicted to what? addicted to the stuffs i haf been doing for the past few dayz.. !!! not many pple know what.. but, i can tell u.. its not something bad.. dun think too much!!!

i think only one person know.. hahaha.. *u know who u r!!!* :D

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Jinrong said...

wah..running for elections le? so early? how come i don't know?!?!?!? *whines*