Sunday, June 19, 2005


hahaha.. finally.. got my hands on the machine.. oh well, was so happy.. finally get to punch something.. legally, that is.. =P

so happy punching the machine till i almost sprained my fist.. hahhaa.. is there such a thing as sprain fist?? but, my fist portion was like feeling pretty sore.. but, its okay now.. lucky.. if not.. i will probably need to go see the irritating doctors again.. din really have a good impression towards doctors.. especially those GEs @ big hospitals like TTSH... waited like 3hrs for a doc.. and spoke to him for abt 3mins.. and tats all.. fabulous... alone waiting somemore.. how wonderful lor.. never mind.. outta topic..

hahaha.. did lots of thinking todae.. so much so that daniel asked me not to think anymore.. of coz.. as usual.. not a very nice way.. hahaha... we always talk to each other like tat de bah.. :D

actually, nothing much more to say liao.. today not really happening at all.. juz feel abit sleepy.. then, wanna go slp soon.. but, daniel is on his way to my place now.. gotta wait for him.. then, fetch him home.. after tat.. come back.. rest awhile.. dream land.. here i come! bed monster.. u better watch out for me! :D


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