Thursday, July 12, 2007


here i am! blogging away.. hahaha..

see.. what have had happened...

oh.. had a 8km run on tuesday.. likewise, almost died after the run.. haha.. even though the "kick" wasnt as bad as the first time i had the 5km run, i still felt rather exhausted.. guess i am starting to get into the "show" ba.. which is sorta a good sign.. maybe shld just keep making myself run.. to condition myself and adapt back to the military lifestyle.. hahaha!

wednesday... mainly tuang-ed my way thru the whole day! hahaha.. went to do some work-related stuff ard the camp.. had abit of "tough"(slpy) time while doing it.. but, got thru somehow.. cant really rmbr what i did at the later part of the day.. suffering from amnesia... ? hahaha..

thursday.. which is today.. did many many things.. going back to main HQ to do a test which i already did.. but, the first time wasnt counted.. tat explains why i got my a*s back there.. sorta hated to do such a test.. whereby must be very mindful of what i choose in the MCQ... coz, once failed, no one would wanna know what u gotta do next.. hahaha.. somehow, got some "external" help though.. and, got thru! hahaha.. shiok.. another boulder down the shoulder.. heehee... had a cohesion dinner with the whole HQ.. was forced to drink beer.. yucks.. hate it sia.. beer.. omg.. make me feel so yucky la! dont understand why pple like to drink it lor... just some yellowish substance.. worse of all.. smells damn irritating too... wats more.. when a few drops of it get into ur clothing.. u reek the smell of it! yucks!!! irritating yellow substance.. and, it makes my stomach somehow bloated... guess i m just not the kind to drink it..

tmr... new batch of recruits coming in.. and, i am involved in facilitating the whole show.. as, ursher!!! again.. kns... hope i dun get as "tanned" as i was like friday.. making me feel so "two-coloured"... =D

nothing much to say.. Period.

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