Monday, July 09, 2007


actually, not abit of shuang at all la..

worked the whole day.. gotta skip my lunch..

only had my first actual meal of the day at abt 1730hrs..

see.. taking miser pay.. yet, working like a career man..

wateva the case, just feel so shitty today..

kept thinking of the problems i having.. but, only till now, the actual feelings are taking a toll off me..

why? i know the reason.. but, having some difficulties in spelling it all out..

see.. must always act as if nothing have had happened.. probably, this is nan ren's headache ba..

knowing that things had happened.. but yet, cannot spell it out..

zhen shi tong ku.. so, ladies.. pls stop saying that u wanna be a guy in ur next life.. coz, u will probably regret in the end.. :)

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