Sunday, July 08, 2007



i just cant believe that i am so naive enough to believe in myself.. always taking things into hand.. and, never doubting the things i perceive could be wrong.. but, as for what how i see the things are progressing, i started to doubt in myself..

what can be said of it.. ?

i guess, i could only start thinking of how i can minimise the thought now... as, at the ultimate end, i should be protecting myself.. rather than being exposed to what is going on out there..

sounds like a sad entry, rite?

no idea why i am writing all these.. outta spontaneity ba..

anyway, was thinking of it all the way...

wonder, why.. why became so emotional again... ?

but, i dun want to know the answer.. coz, i think, there isnt a need for me to know too..

ahhhh...!!! incoherent again... been being like this for the past few days...

probably, work has gotten into me.. hahaha.. now, blame it on work!

so, Mr. Government.. please let me have another long break again.. it will be very appreciated.. *weeEee~*

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