Sunday, July 01, 2007


ok.. it take loads of guts for me to own this up..

hahaha.. although alot of the pple out there knows this.. but still, i decide i must acknowledge it..

yeah.. here it comes...

i suck at ball games...

hahaha... no big deal, rite?

i thought so too.. still, it dun feel right to be always this way lei..

though, i have no intention to brush up skills with the "balls"


been observing ard.. and somehow, friends who recently got themselves single.. are like attracting opposite gender suitors like how the bees get attracted to honey..

why ah... dun understand lei..

issit tat people just cant stand the fact of being lonely.. ?

if it is abt that, totally can understand.. coz, i cant stand that kinda feeling too...

still, there are times we just gotta suck it up.. coz, "choice" aint kind enough to be always there for you to use.. that is unless you are really very attractive la.. which is one thing i lack.. lol!

oh man.. feel so crapped up recently.. many things i wanna do.. yet, dread doing..

how.. ?

alright.. think i shall end this entry.. but, before i do so, here is my best wishes to those who are facing problems/troubles in their life.. may it be on relationship, kinship, friendship or financially, hopefully everything will come to terms and be better for you! :)

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