Sunday, July 29, 2007

my name!

Boy Name Aaron - Name Origin and Meaning of Aaron

Gender: Male

Origin: Biblical

It's a Biblical name. This name means: A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength. Suitable only for boys. It is a popular name.

The meaning of my name...

me? a teacher? oh, really? i probably will have many dead students.. wahaha...

strength.. mountain of it somemore.. do i really have it.. ? i guess, my strength is probably being stubborn in my thoughts... always going for the things which i deem fit... therefore, i always thought, it could be a strength.. can also be my weak point... as whenever i habour inferiority, things just doesnt go the way it should be... therefore, i hope my partner can be able to bring me outta this..

and, yes.. i know.. a popular name.. and, a common name.. whereby will always get "unintentional" calls from friends who accidentally tend to press my no. on their hp... bleahs.. =P

oh.. forgot to mention a thing i heard from the radio during last week..

according to what i heard, guys with big butt are kinda well sort after.. hahaha.. that is interesting.. heard it thru 933.. when it was saying that some singer(landy wen) says that she prefers the above mentioned type of guys as her future spouse.. hahaha... really interesting.. ;)


Anonymous said...

Were u invited to LiHong's wedding?

frau_schmidt said...

me neither.